The St.Gallen Innovation Culture Navigator is based on our experiences of the innovation culture topic and our observations during our innovation projects.

Initially, the following questions arose: What do the innovation champions do differently? What concrete measures, events, and regulations do they use to create a successful innovation culture far beyond keynotes and mission statements?

The St.Gallen Innovation Culture Navigator results from a long-term analysis of these innovation champions' corporate culture. BGW AG and the ITEM-HSG jointly conducted the analysis. We studied the "usual suspects" from the technology industry, such as Google and Airbnb, as well as regional hidden champions whose innovations inspired us, such as Hilti, Bühler, and Flixbus. Based on interviews, company visits, and intensive research work, we identified 66 concrete cultural practices, which are documented in the St.Gallen Innovation Culture Navigator. They serve as an inspiration kit; cultural practices, such as Celebrate Failure, Zero Barriers to Users, and Kill Projects are illustrated with company examples.


Our project also aims at finally making innovation culture tangible. We therefore split innovation culture into six dimensions, which can be remembered by the motto “AnIMATE your Culture.” All six dimensions must be promoted to develop and maintain an innovation culture. We developed a standardized tool, which enables you to assess your profile and compare it with a growing number of benchmarks. Thus, you will be in a position to understand your own possibilities and strengths; you will also be empowered to identify the most efficient levers for action. Then, you can work on your innovation culture according to concrete practices that serve as inspiration.

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The St.Gallen Innovation Culture Navigator contains a clear and replicable process to systematically design innovation culture; it also provides all the tools that may be necessary for this process. If you wish to delve deeper into the subject, we are more than happy to support you during your own transformation project towards a sustainable innovation culture. Working with the St.Gallen Innovation Culture Navigator is a three-stage process.

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Who is behind all this?

Oliver Gassmann

(Prof. Dr.) is Professor for Innovation Management and the Director of the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St.Gallen.

Christoph H. Wecht

(Prof. Dr.) is Professor of Management at the New Design University (NDU) in St. Pölten. He has extensive experience in industry and research.

Christoph Meister

(Dr.) is the CEO of the BGW AG. He has several years of industry experience as a corporate innovation manager.

Raphael Bömelburg

is a research associate at the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St.Gallen. He was active in the start-up sector in California.

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