Innovation Culture Inception Workshop:

How can you start developing your innovation culture in practice?

We host introductory cross-industry workshops in accordance with the Innovation Culture Navigator method. Join us for a one-day workshop in which you will learn how to make the most of the 66 innovation culture practices and exchange ideas with senior managers from other industries.

Next workshop: VIENNA, AUSTRIA. 20.11.2019

  • Introduction into innovation culture
  • Tools for assessing innovation culture
  • Inspirational cases and concrete examples for successful innovation cultures
  • Change leadership and storytelling
  • Psychological barriers and tools

Innovation Culture Check:

Are you realizing the innovative potential of your employees?

We systematically assess your innovation culture profile and identify strengths, as well as weaknesses, which we compare with our large benchmark data set. We make innovation culture tangible and provide concrete recommendations for development.

  • Kickoff meeting with senior management
  • In-depth innovation culture survey
  • In-depth data analysis
  • Executive report
  • Implication workshop

Innovation Culture Sprint:

Need some help to start?

We join you for a company-specific two-day innovation culture event. We guide you through the method of the innovation culture navigator and co-develop tailored innovation culture practices for your specific context. We provide guidance on how to lead the change and co-develop a concrete action plan on how to implement the new culture.

  • Small scale innovation culture check (within workshop setting)
  • Innovation culture ideation
  • Adaptation of suitable culture practices
  • Transformation canvas
  • First implementation plan

Innovation Culture Training:

How can you empower your employees to shape your innovation culture?

We conduct tailor-made in-house training in innovation culture management with your high-potentials . Your employees will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, tools, and processes to act as local innovation agents and they will shape the company's innovation culture from the bottom to the top.

  • Innovation Culture Navigator method
  • Tailor-made content in innovation management, such as open innovation, value co-creation, rapid prototyping
  • Enablement modules

Innovation Culture Transformation:

Do you want to sustainably transform your innovation culture?

We empower your company culture to execute your innovative vision in our integrated transformation offer. We support a company-wide transformation initiative and work in close collaboration with your internal experts. Let's tackle the transformation together and work our way through it.

  • Strategy and target definition
  • Company-wide in-depth innovation culture check
  • Definition of transformation agenda and pilot business units
  • Enablement workshops for local transformation agents
  • Implementation of innovation culture practices
  • Yearly follow-up innovation culture checks

Innovation Culture Award:

How developed is the innovation culture in your industry?

We benchmark the innovation culture of companies in cooperation with industry associations, identify trends and challenges, as well as strengths and potentials. Exceptionally innovative cultures can be certified and portrayed in best-practice cases.

  • Kickoff session
  • Communication materials
  • In-depth innovation culture survey
  • Data analysis, interviews and case description for best practice companies
  • Certification
  • Industry report

Innovation Culture Keynotes:

Get the conversation going: We offer professional keynotes about the importance and impact of an innovation culture. Based on our vast experience in executive education and top management interactions, we provide tangible illustrations, as well engaging best practices

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